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Tom directs comedy spots with a touch of the absurd - a guy with giant quarters for hands, a bartender swinging his shillelagh, a dog making out with her owner. His characters all share a skewed point of view, and the spots all have a kinetic energy.   


Tom developed this style at the USC film school, and he trained in commercial production with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He cut his teeth working with Radical Media

and The Ridley Scott Media Group.


He has created long-form branded content for clients that include Moog Aircraft Group and FYI Gaming. He also made The Comedy of Death, a documentary about controversial stand-up comedians, for broadcast on IFC.

After directing Uggie, the leading dog of The Artist, Tom decided to work with animals as often as possible. He finds them hilarious and awesome in general. He really wants to work with a chimpanzee someday.  

Tom was born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, and he's a Scorpio.


(not Tom)

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